Legal notice

Please read the following legal notice carefully. By accessing the website of TARENO LTD International Asset Managers (hereinafter referred to as TARENO) you declare that you have understood and accepted the legal notice.


Access restrictions

The TARENO website is intended in general for natural and legal persons as well as partnerships and corporate bodies domiciled in Switzerland. Foreign legal regimes may prohibit publication or access to the TARENO website (particularly because of the nationality of the person concerned or their domicile or for other reasons). Therefore, persons subject to such restrictions must not access the TARENO website. It is the responsibility of each individual to obtain information from the relevant agencies or a qualified advisor about the restrictions that apply to them.


Qualified investors

Investors are deemed qualified as defined in Art. 10 para. 3 CISA with Art. 6 CISO (Art. 10 Abs. 3 KAG in Verbindung mit Art. 6 KKV):

Regulated financial intermediaries such as banks, securities traders, fund management companies and asset managers of collective investment schemes, as well as central banks; regulated insurance institutions, public entities and retirement benefits institutions with professional treasury operations, companies with professional treasury operations. High net worth individuals who fully meet the requirements pursuant to those provisions.



In respect of legal tax provisions in the investor’s tax domicile concerning the holding, buying or selling of securities and other investment products and the associated implications for taxation, investors are requested to contact their tax advisor.


Exclusion of liability

TARENO accepts no liability (including negligence and liability to third parties) for losses arising from direct or indirect damage of any kind in connection with the information, performance analyses and other analyses, links or other notifications included on this website or with the risks of the financial markets.

In addition, no assurance or warranty (either explicit or implicit) is provided for the accuracy, reliability, completeness or correctness of the information presented or functions offered.


Risk information

We recommend that users of this website consult the “Special Risks in Securities Trading” brochure produced by the Swiss Bankers Association, which provides comprehensive information on the risks involved in securities trading (PDF). In addition, they are asked to refer to any prospectuses and fact sheets for a detailed description of risks.

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Because of possible fluctuations in value to which the invested capital may be subject, it is possible that the investor will not get back the capital they originally invested. If investments are effected in foreign currencies, these are also subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

In no event should you effect securities transactions without being precisely aware of the associated risks and having formed a picture of the extent to which the substantial risk of loss is financially bearable. In particular, we recommend that you do not effect any investments without professional advice.


Neither an invitation nor an offer

The information and opinions published on the TARENO website do not constitute an invitation or an offer to buy or sell securities or other investment products or to effect other transactions. They are for information purposes only.

The information and opinions made available on the TARENO website are not to be understood as recommendations or aids to decision-making for the investor’s investment decisions and other decisions and are in no way advisory in nature.

We strongly recommend that the investors seek advice from their client advisor, undertake their own clarifications and obtain further information before making their investment decision.


Use of e-mails and electronic forms

TARENO draws the user’s attention to the fact that the use of e-mails and electronic forms on the TARENO website is associated with certain risks. It is possible that data may be read and altered by third parties and that TARENO may be identified as the recipient. Therefore, corresponding inferences may be made with respect to the user’s relationship with TARENO.

In this connection, please also read the information on security when using this website.


Printing and downloading

All copyright and other rights to all the content of the TARENO website remain with TARENO. The printing or downloading of pages is permitted provided the source is indicated in full.


Subject to change

All content on this website may be changed at any time and without notice.


Applicable law

If use of the TARENO website results in a legal relationship between the user and TARENO, this legal relationship is governed by Swiss law.



In the interests of security and the protection of your privacy on www.tareno.ch, in the following we inform you about how the user data of visitors to www.tareno.ch are handled.


Personal details

It is not necessary to enter personal details in order to use the website of TARENO AG International Asset Managers (hereinafter referred to as TARENO). An exception to this is when TARENO is contacted using the electronic contact form.


Contact via the Internet and e-mail

E-mails to TARENO are sent without encryption. The same applies to the contact forms as they do not include confidential information.

We urgently recommend that you do not send confidential information such as client details or orders using these media.


Use of personal details

We use your personal details solely for the purpose of providing you with information that you have requested and that may be of interest to you. No personal details are passed to organisations outside TARENO.


External links

This website may include links to websites that lie outside the sphere of influence of TARENO. TARENO accepts no responsibility for their content and for the protection of your privacy in connection with the use of these websites.



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