Cooperation with banks


Attractive terms at partner banks

Our partners are carefully selected, first-class Swiss banks and banks with international operations at which you receive attractive terms.

Your relationship with the bank

You hold an account and custody account in your name at one or more banks of your choosing. At your request, we can assist you in choosing partner bank(s). The bank is responsible for account maintenance and for the safekeeping of your securities.

Your relationship with us

We advise you in all financial matters and represent your interests with respect to all stakeholders. If required – in the case of complex tax issues, for instance – we call in specialists. Independence and transparency are the principles by which our service is guided. You instruct us, as your primary contact, to invest your assets in line with the investment strategy we have worked out together and applying a best-in-class approach. “Best in class” means that we select the optimum investment solution for you with regard to costs, risk and performance.

Cooperation between Tareno Ltd and the bank

You authorise us to make investment decisions and to issue instructions to the bank. In doing this, Tareno Ltd meets the stringent regulatory requirements of the bank and those of FINMA.

Our fee model

For our services we charge you a fee on the basis of assets managed or of performance. We do not accept remuneration from third parties (retrocessions). That is the basis of our independence. We are bound only to our clients.