Tareno Fixed Income Fund

The Tareno Fixed Income Fund reflects the allocation of a pure fixed income mandate in Portfolio Management. This enables you as an investor to achieve cost-effective duplication of the strategic and tactical focus of our “Income” strategy. The relatively large selection of investable bonds increases the potential for returns while at the same time reducing risk through diversification.

The core of our investment philosophy lies in the selection of high-quality issuers, mainly in the euro area, given that capital preservation is our central objective. The weighted average rating is in the high investment grade range.




Basic details

Fund Manager Tareno AG
Umbrella SICAV Variopartner
Legal form Luxembourg SICAV, UCITS IV
Asset class Bonds
Fund currency Euro
End of financial year 30 June
Dividend type Distributing (annually)
Last distribution 23 September 2016
Inception date 6 November 2015
Management company Vontobel Management
Auditor Ernst & Young S.A.
Custodian RBC Investor & Treasury Services
Administrator RBC Investor & Treasury Services
Trading frequency Daily at NAV
Cut-off 3.45 p.m
Value date T + 3
Publication of NAV www.swissfunddata.ch
Licensed for distribution Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg

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