Portfolio Management

In June 2020 Sybille Wyss took over the role of CEO at Tareno Ltd. The graduate in business administration is thus one of the few women at the head of a large independent asset manager. Since 2012 Sybille Wyss is Chief Investment Officer of Tareno and has built up the portfolio management and asset management
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Stefan Schütz
Head Equity Research
Stefan Schütz is head of Equity Research at Tareno Ltd. He has 20 years of experience in equity research and asset management. Stefan Schütz began his career in the financial industry in 1997 at Bank CIC. After several years in asset management for a Swiss insurance company he joined Tareno in 2007. Stefan Schütz is
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Katja Ackermann
ESG Analyst / ESG Analystin
As ESG analyst, Katja Ackermann is responsible for implementing the sustainability strategy in the investment processes. She is also responsible for the management of equity valuation models. She holds a Master’s degree in International Business Development from the University of Neuchâtel and has been with Tareno Ltd since 2016. Katja Ackermann completed the “CFA UK
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Frank Pfeiffer
Technical Analyst
Frank Pfeiffer is responsible for the fixed income strategy in portfolio management. He is also responsible for the technical analysis of the Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund. Before Frank Pfeiffer joined the Tareno team in 2015, he worked for 5 years as portfolio manager at Bank Julius Baer. Frank Pfeiffer is a “Certified International Investment
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Prof. Dr. Aymo Brunetti
Macroeconomics Advisor
Prof. Dr. Aymo Brunetti is Professor of Economic Policy and Regional Economics at the Department of Economics of the University of Bern. Up until 2019 he also headed up the Federal Advisory Council for the Future of the Swiss Financial Centre (Beirat des Bundes für die Zukunft des schweizer Finanzplatzes). He was previously Head of
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Dr. Laszlo Gömöri
Technical Advisor
Dr. Laszlo Gömöri is the founder of Spectralwaves, a proprietary statistical timing tool analysing financial markets based on the theory of Behavioural Finance. Prior to developing Spectralwaves Dr. Gömöri was Assistant for Corporate Finance at the University of Basel, worked for the Chief Economist of Novartis and spent almost 20 years in banking for UBS,
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