"Our long-term perspective also helps us in the short term." Sybille Wyss "Accurate and responsible management of our client's portfolios characterize our service." Olivier Schmitt "Equal treatment of all client's portfolios is our key principle." Tamara Jovanovic "Professionalism and the constant guarantee of high quality are our top priority." Raffaella Gschwind

Asset management

You would like to have your assets managed according to an investment strategy determined by you or developed jointly? You do not want to take care of the selection and management of the investments, but delegate this to specialists?


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The focus of our traditional and broadly diversified “Tareno Classic” investment solution is on companies that aim to achieve long-term, sustainable value creation.

Do you also care about respecting the environment when investing? With our “Tareno climate friendly” investment solution, you invest worldwide in companies that are on a climate friendly path.

With the “Tareno Water” investment solution, your portfolio is equipped for all eventualities. As a thematic investment, the investment solution combines the advantages of different approaches: It adresses social and ecological needs while generating competitive returns.

Our Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund is available for investments below CHF 5 million.

“Tareno Dividend” is a widely diversified investment solution that invests in the global equity markets. In addition, as an investor you have the opportunity to generate a regular income.

The two funds “Tareno Fixed Income Fund” and “Tareno Global Equity Fund” enable you to benefit directly and cost-effectively from our expertise.

Portfolio Management

Our services

  • Our investment policy is geared towards broad diversification with a global focus.
  • Experienced portfolio managers are responsible for the professional management of your portfolio.
  • Our investment decisions are based on a structured and disciplined investment process.
  • Our investment process, with short decision paths, enables us to respond swiftly to altered market environments.
  • Ongoing risk monitoring that takes account of your individual needs is guaranteed.
  • We act according to the principle of equal treatment of all mandates in securities transactions.

The benefits to you

  • Your assets are looked after by specialists.
  • You save valuable time by being relieved of investment decisions.
  • Your assets are actively managed and professionally monitored.
  • You benefit from independent investment decisions (best-in-class approach).
  • You receive comprehensive and informative reports on the performance of your assets on a regular basis.