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Tareno Funds

Tareno offers a sector fund and three strategy funds.

Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund

With the Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund you as an investor can set a thematic focus in one of the highest-growth sectors. Water as an investment theme is based on long-term structural trends such as population growth, climate change, urbanisation and technological progress. These unavoidable global megatrends offer companies that are positioned along the water value chain increased opportunities for achieving growth over and above global GDP.

With the Impact share class, institutional investors have the opportunity to assume social responsibility in addition to generating a financial return. The investment achieves a real social and ecological impact.

Tareno Global Water Solutions Fund


The investment objective of the CHARISMA (LI) Fonds – Global is to achieve a higher long-term capital gain for the investor than comparable funds achieve with capital gain and capital appreciation.

The fund is suitable for growth-oriented investors with a medium to long-term investment horizon who are primarily focused on capital growth and who are prepared to donate the net income attributed to them to the CHARISMA Foundation for Sustainable Development.


Tareno Fixed Income Fund & Global Equity Fund

The Tareno strategy funds offer you as an investor professional asset management in the form of two investment funds. Both funds undertake active asset allocation within their asset class – bonds or equities – and adjust their portfolios on an ongoing basis in line with the evolving market environment.

The funds follow the in-house investment strategy in the relevant asset class and enable you to benefit from this expertise directly and at low cost.

By combining these two funds in a way that suits you, the portfolio can be tailored individually to your personal risk-return profile (with no minimum investment required).